Overnight Rentals | Jump N Bounce

Overnight Rentals

Jump N Bounce offers Overnight Rentals. In order to qualify for an Overnight Rental, the inflatable must be in a secured location, like a backyard. No exceptions. If an Overnight Rental is placed and the inflatable won't be in a secured location, unfortunately, we will have to cancel the Overnight Rental option.

1. An overnight rental charge may apply.
2. We will pickup between 7am and 12pm, depending on our route.

1. Choose your Delivery Date, then START TIME.
2. Click (multi-day)
3. Select the next day, then select 8am for the END TIME. If you don't select 8am you will be charged for a 2 Day Rental.

If you have any questions regarding our Overnight Rentals, please send us a message or call us at 714.744.4433.